Acerola Cherry Powder, Our New Favorite Superfood

The list of superfoods keeps on growing. And it’s because we’ve realised some foods are just more nutritious than others, and with our hectic lifestyles and lousy eating habits, complementing our diet with nutrient-rich foods is not such a bad idea.

Amongst all superfoods, one shines for having the most vitamin C, one of the most critical nutrients we should all add to our diets, and that’s acerola cherries. And these lusciously tart cherries don’t stop at vitamin C; they’re good for you on many levels. Here’s all you need to know about this awesome superfruit!

What are Acerola Cherries, Anyway?

Also known as Barbados Cherry or West Indies Cherry, these pretty, ruby-coloured berries thrive in warm climates; they like the good life. You’ll find acerolas growing in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. As far down as the tropical rainforests in Brazil and all the way up to sunny Texas and Florida.

Although known as cherries, these fantastic fruits are actually not part of the cherry family — they’re in a class of their own, and that makes them even more special because, unlike regular cherries, acerola cherries haven’t enjoyed much popularity, until now.

Acerola Cherries Are an Astounding Source of Vitamin C

Acerola cherries have many nutrients and bio-active compounds, all in extraordinary amounts, but what stands out the most about this tasty fruit is its levels of vitamin C.

100 grams or 3.5 ounces of raw acerola cherries provide you with a staggering 2021% of your daily dietary needs for vitamin C. That means that just a half a spoonful of freeze-dried acerola will keep your vitamin C levels optimal.

And this matters because our bodies can’t produce or store vitamin C, so you must take the potent compound daily!

Not All Vitamin C is Created Equal

Before we talk about the extraordinary acerola cherries, there’s something we should address. Not all vitamin C is created equal. Here’s the deal, most vitamin C supplements are made with synthetic AKA man-made vitamins – compounds not found in nature.

For example, to make synthetic vitamin C, people in a lab break down corn starch with dangerous chemicals like acetone, and hydrochloric acid to get ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. And let’s say it out loud, that might not be what you want in your body. Why consume synthetic vitamins when you can find them in nature?

The worst part is that vitamin C is not only ascorbic acid, but a family of phytonutrients, which you’ll find in fruit, but not in synthetic supplements – let’s just say synthetic vitamin C is not complete, and your body knows it.

Although these un-natural vitamins are often labeled as ‘healthy’ and ‘natural,’ you might want to consider enjoying freeze-dried acerola cherry powder instead. It’s an easy decision, but we’re just not informed well enough! At least, now you know.   

Why are acerola cherries good for you?

1. Acerola Powder Boosts your Immune System

Vitamin C is best known for boosting your immunity against harmful microorganisms, including fungi, viruses and bacteria. The famous vitamin promotes the production of white blood cells, the soldiers in charge of keeping intruders at bay.

Having optimal levels of Vitamin C can keep you safe from the common cold, the flu and even pneumonia, but it will also prevent infections and even help your body heal faster. Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant that will protect your blood cells from oxidative damage, keeping your body always ready to fight any threat.

2. Acerola Cherry is a Good Source of Antioxidants

All berries have a fairly good number of antioxidants in the form of flavanols that give the fruits their flavor and anthocyanin pigments that provide them with those bright red and purple colors. Well, acerola cherries have the regular kind of antioxidants, too, but let’s also remember that vitamin C itself is a potent antioxidant!

Antioxidants matter because they bind with scavenging free radicals floating in your bloodstream. These compounds damage your tissue at a cellular level in what is called oxidative stress, which leads to premature ageing, chronic inflammation and many severe conditions, including cancer.

3. Acerola Keeps Your Skin Young and Healthy

The Vitamin C in acerola cherries, a category in which this fruit is uncontested, encourages your body to produce collagen, which gives elasticity, protects and heals soft tissue, like your skin.

Enjoying shiny, elastic skin, protected from premature ageing by acerola cherry’s vitamin C and antioxidants sounds like a good deal, and it is. Your body produces less and less collagen as you grow older, so you must give it a push with the right supplement. And nothing, not even oranges or lemons, has more vitamin C than acerola cherries.

4. Acerola Powder will Keep Your Brain Healthy

The brain is a delicate organ, and it’s susceptible to high blood pressure, inflammation and degenerative oxidative stress. Once the fragile connections between neurons and the incredibly narrow blood vessels in your brain are under attack, you start losing cognitive functions.

Well, acerola cherries can help with that, too. Did you know recent studies have shown low levels of vitamin C are a common trait in patients with dementia? And it’s because vitamin C’s antioxidant properties protect your brain from damage by oxidative free radicals.

A daily dose of acerola powder is a good way of keeping your memory, problem-solving abilities and mental agility in good shape.

5. Acerola is Great for Your Heart

Your heart and circulatory system can benefit from an extra dose of vitamin C. The healthy compound can lower high blood pressure, triglyceride levels and ‘bad’ low-density cholesterol levels in your bloodstream, three major factors related to heart disease.

Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in the world, and we’re all susceptible to it. Reducing your chances of suffering from heart-related conditions is paramount, and if some extra vitamin C can help, they let’s make the most of it!

How to Enjoy Acerola Powder?

Acerola cherries are an awesome fruit, but there’s a downside: they have very short shelf lives! In a matter of days, the fruit starts to decompose. That’s why dedicated farmers harvest them at their peak and freeze-dry them to turn them into a hyper-nutritious (and tasty) powder.

Freeze-drying is truly a scientific breakthrough, as the process removes the fruit’s water, preserving its colour, flavour and, most importantly, its nutrition. And for a genuinely exceptional nutritional supplement, make sure you enjoy organically farmed acerola powder to make sure you only get the good stuff with no added chemicals.

Acerola Powder Caters to Every Diet

The best part is that acerola cherries are fruits, and the supplements available are just freeze-dried cherries, no added chemicals. We’re talking about a 100% organic, vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten-free supplement.

Acerola cherries are an all-natural product. An authentic gift from nature, and you can never replicate that in a lab. Forget about synthetic vitamin C made by corporations; enjoy acerola cherries made by mother nature instead.

If everything happens for a reason, then acerola cherries exist to give us hope, that despite our lousy eating habits and sedimentary lifestyles, we can still live a long healthy life. How’s that for a little-known tropical berry? 

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