Organic Hemp Seeds, A Superfood Hard Not to Love

Hemp seeds are harvested from the Cannabis sativa plant. You read that right, but don’t get too excited just yet; although hemp is indeed related to the more exotic type of cannabis, hemp doesn’t have psychoactive properties.

Of course, this doesn’t make hemp seeds any less exciting; we’re talking about an authentic superfood here, a supplement with tons of health benefits and nutrition. Organic hemp seeds are hands down amongst the best foods to add to your diet. Did we mention hemp seeds are also delicious? They’re nutty and crunchy, making them super versatile in the kitchen.

The best part? High quality shelled hemp seeds are entirely natural, vegetarian, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and certified organic. Let’s just say hemp seeds check all the right boxes. Now, why would you add shelled hemp seeds to your diet? Why wouldn’t you! Here are hemp seed’s most remarkable evidence-based health benefits.

1. Hemp Seeds Are Highly Nutritious

The most exciting thing about hemp seeds is that they’re what specialists call nutrient-rich foods. We like to call them superfoods. For starters, hemp seeds have incredible levels of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They also have two critical fatty acids, Omega-3 and especially Omega-6. These compounds are good for your heart and are absolutely necessary for people following plant-based diets.

Hemp seeds also offer astounding levels of plant-based proteins. Around 25% of the tiny seeds is high-quality protein; that’s about 33 grams of protein per 100 grams (3.5 oz). Plant-based proteins are not only healthier than animal proteins, but they’re also better for the environment. We should all eat a bit more of these proteins, and hemp seeds are a great way to start!

2. Hemp Seeds Have Tons of Vitamins and Minerals

Hemp seeds shine for having all nine essential amino acids, and then some, including glutamic acid, histidine, tryptophan and others. Your body uses amino acids to build its own proteins, meaning muscles and tissue; they’re the “building blocks of life." Really!

As for the vitamins, every few tablespoons of hemp seeds add to your diet 60% of the vitamin B3 (Niacin) you need for the day, 56% of vitamin B6, 28% vitamin B9 (Folate), a whopping 111% of vitamin B1 (Thiamine).

Add to that off-the-chart levels of Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Copper, Iron, Potassium and Zinc. Hemp seeds can do it all! They’re just hyper-nutritious.

3. Hemp Seeds Are Good for Your Heart

One of the hemp seeds’ most encouraging benefits is their ability to reduce the risk of heart disease. It turns out one of the many amino acids in the seeds, arginine, is in charge of producing heart-healthy nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide, by the way, keeps your blood vessels elastic and relaxed, so there’s less risk of obstructions and high blood pressure. That’s right, hemp seeds might help you reduce your blood levels, and that alone is worth adding them to your diet. After all, taking care of your heart should be one of your top priorities.

4. Hemp Seeds Will Help with PMS Symptoms

If you suffer from premenstrual syndrome, meaning mood swings, tender breasts, fatigue, irritability, depression and food cravings, you’re not alone. Three out of every four women report having these symptoms.

The good news is that hemp seeds can help with that. An amino acid in the nutty seeds called Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) reduces the effects of a compound called prolactin, responsible for PMS.

Needless to say, the ability of hemp seeds to control hormonal imbalance is also effective for women with menopause symptoms and those with other hormonal issues. Feeling moody? Have some hemp seeds. You’ll feel better, guaranteed.

5. Hemp Seeds Can Help You Lose Weight

The fact that hemp seeds are an extraordinary source of healthy fats and proteins means that you can eat less red meat and unhealthy saturated and trans fats. That alone will help you reach your weight goals.

If that weren’t enough, hemp seeds are also great for your digestive health, and that’s also effective in tackling overweight and obesity. Your body will absorb nutrients better, and with better digestion, you have a more efficient metabolism overall — that means burning more calories!

6. Hemp Seeds Have Lots of Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is not only good for your digestive system; it also lowers your blood sugar levels, so if you’re at risk of diabetes or already have the condition, hemp seeds can help. Dietary fiber also reaches your bloodstream, and it might help you reduce your levels of ‘bad’ low-density cholesterol.

And yes, you can find both dietary fiber and insoluble fiber in many other superfoods, but none have all the amino acids you need, plus the proteins, healthy oils, and all the nutrients hemp seeds have to offer.

7. Hemp Seeds Are Great for Your Skin

The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp seeds are essential for having a strong immune system, especially when it comes to your skin. Studies have shown consuming hemp seeds can revitalize your skin and prevent premature aging signs. It can also help treat rashes, itchy skin and other types of dermatitis.

For beautiful, shiny skin, but most importantly, healthy skin, hemp seeds might be what you’re looking for. And your skin is not the only system in your body that benefits from the vital fatty acids in the crunchy nuts — they’re critical for cardiovascular health.

Can Hemp Seeds do It All?

Hemps seeds might not be a miracle cure or the fountain of youth, but they certainly are one of the most complete supplements you can add to your diet.

Hemp seeds and all their compounds really act at all levels in your system. Considering they’re inexpensive compared to other superfoods and that they’re readily available, there’s no reason not to start enjoying hemp seed’s benefits and nutrition.

For shelled hemp seeds of the highest quality, don’t miss Spring Blossom Superfood’s shelled hemp seeds. You’ll fall in love with this nutty superfood; join the hemp seed fan club today!

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