Our Story

How it all began...

When we started Spring Blossom, we knew that we wanted to make superfoods fun, easy to understand and accessible to all, whether you have just started your superfoods journey or you are already an avid superfoods veteran. We noticed that a lot of brands out there use jargon around superfoods (it could even have been written in a different language for all we know!), rather than breaking it down into simple, evidence-based facts.

At Spring Blossom, you will only find single ingredient products in our product catalogue. Meaning, there are no nasty preservatives or added fuff in any of our products - they are all made up of 1 single ingredient and completely natural! We focus on what we do best which is to source nutrient-rich and high quality products from around the world that are GOOD for you.

What's important to us

  • Natural and organic superfoods
  • Plant-based and nutrient-rich¬†foods suitable¬†for vegans and vegetarians
  • High quality, ethically-sourced¬†ingredients from sustainable estates
  • Working with nature¬†by sourcing sustainable materials and have therefore invested in accreditations from¬†Soil Association, USDA, EcoCert, JONA and LACON.

Our beliefs 

We recognise the importance of eating right and our mission is to source the healthiest, highest quality, most nutritious superfoods nature has to offer. That's why we make a big thing about organic quality superfoods, sourced with sustainability in mind, investing in packaging that is good for the environment.
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